Something about Arduino WIFI

Antenna and Wifi scanning

The really good news this week is the antenna of the Arduino 33 is back on board again!

It’s been a long time since this antenna has left the board. This causes the Arduino to only got under -80 dBm wifi signal even the board is placed right next to the router. I could not withstand this.

And I know use solid iron is not a good way to bring it back, because I tried that before. After some search on the internet, I realize the combination of the hot gun and solder paste will be a better choice.

The Solder paste on the solid point.

What I need to do is put some solder on the solid point and put the antenna back on top of the paste. When the solder paste was heated, it will automatic sturdy attach to the metal.

After that, what I need to do is clear the residual solder paste and put hot glue to firm the connection.

Another try is scanning the wifi around using Arduino with a display.