Motor and DRV2605 Report (2)

I designed a box that can contain all the components inside it.

I update the BOM a little bit.

FRS Strip: Test Swipe on the surface.

FRS Circle x 3: Test the touch on the surface.

LED x 2: One for power indication and the other for the status.

Seeduino Xiao: A smaller and cheaper Arduino board.

3.5mm Audio Input Jack: Input extern signal to the board.

DRV2605L: the Motor driver

the white bar is the placeholder for the FRS stripe
The surface of the box.

The motor connector to the box internal. There are some mounted points in the box, which is fit the hole at the bottom of the connector.

There are different types of connectors for different motors. The little rectangle in the middle is for the conductor. When the connector connects to the box, the conductor will conductor to the metal pad in the box (This part it still designing).

I print the small version first. The coin motor is a perfect fit and stuck tightly.

I design a bigger connector in order to unify the size of the connector, no matter the motor is big or small. And the bigger type still printing in progress.